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CCTV Training

Training is generally a fairly dull and uninspiring process you have to go through to satisfy your bosses. This was the process I was tasked with! However we choose Tavcom Training and their Foundation CCTV course – designed to be a good introduction to CCTV. That’s exactly what I needed to improve me knowledge of CCTV from the bottom up.

Day 1

After travelling down from Leeds the night before I was a little out of sorts, but on arrival I was greeted in the training building by many of the staff at Tavcom with a smile and a coffee. After signing in we were taken to a dedicated room crammed with equipment. I was handed a quick “light-hearted quiz” – well i couldn’t answer one question! Was hoping this was not a sign of things to come.

The tutorage was led by a chap called Andy and he was very friendly and clear in how he taught. The process was generally theory and then practice – a process that suits me very well.

Day 1 was basic stuff, but for myself and the other students it was quite a challenge. We set up a camera and used an oscilloscope. The practical side was very good – the equipment was modern and things were explained clearly.

Looked at the “light hearted quiz” at the end of Day 1 and found I could now understand and answer all the questions. A good sign.

For the evening we were set a task of using a Lens Calculator. Before tea and the bar of course!

Day 2

After a quick revision session we moved onto Lighting, Ohms Law and Housings among other things. This was the session I enjoyed the most, as i am not so technical but enjoy the application side.

We bounced through quite a lot of information in Day 2 – with any questions being answered at every stage.

Day 3

The morning session was given over to the more modern cctv systems of IP and DVR technology. We built a 4 camera system, ran it though a DVR and learnt how to record, set up spot monitors and play with different recording setups. Then we built an IP Camera system which was an interesting experience seeing the differences between old and new technology – which isn’t always as good!

After a brief revision session it was onto lunch. The afternoon was an exam which was difficult. I felt the training had covered more or less everything and it was obviously down to me whether I passed or now… update to come.


Tavcom are obviously well set up with masses of equipment, knowledge and friendly staff. The training centre is clean, modern and stocked with coffee and jelly babies. The course I went on was fun, but had a serious side – I learnt a lot and felt tired at the end of each day – a good sign you have worked hard.

So who would Foundation CCTV be suitable for?

Interestingly I was the only student who didn’t already have a few years experience in CCTV under their belt. Many of the students were Sales staff from very large CCTV companies, sent on the training course to “fill in the gaps”. Good to see firms taking training seriously. Everyone commented that the course was useful – so not just for new kids like me!

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