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CCTV for Schools: Achieving the Best Outcome

CCTV plays a crucial role in protecting our society. Many homes now have at least one CCTV camera, and many businesses use them both inside and outside to ensure they protect their employees and their stock.

One type of building that isn’t often discussed in this way is a school. Yet it could be argued the need for protection here is just as great – if not more so – than anywhere else. Not only does the presence of closed-circuit television cameras deter people from committing crime, it also wards off any chance of people trespassing on the site, particularly after hours. While theft can be reduced, thanks to this deterrent, cameras can also help reduce instances of bullying. When it does occur, the cameras can provide irrefutable evidence that will help when discipline is meted out.

How easy is it to install a CCTV system in a school?

The best course to take is to consult a CCTV professional. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, their experience will ensure the cameras are installed in adherence to the law. This is an area where many go astray. Secondly, they will be able to consider the best places to position the cameras to ensure maximum coverage. Without this experience, it is all too easy to install too many or too few, and either of these scenarios can result in a lack of coverage in some areas (and possibly too much in others).

Professional installation is always the best route to take

Regardless of the type of cameras you opt for, professional installation is always the best option when a school is the building to receive the cameras. Staff can be trained in how to operate the system so there is more than one person who can use it and monitor it. An understanding of the system and its role in keeping the school safe will then be attained.

The guidance offered by a professional will also ensure the right cameras will be installed. With so many options on the market now, it is very difficult for any layperson to find the cameras that will be best for their unique situation. A school is very different to other buildings. With pupils and staff to protect, along with property, the need to create the best and most practical solution that also fits with the available budget is of paramount importance.

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