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CCTV Camera for Home: What you need to know

Adding a CCTV camera to your home could prove to highly beneficial, particularly if you want to deter criminals from breaking into your property as well as monitoring your home while you are away.

Additionally, it can provide peace of mind, particularly if you have loved ones that you want to protect. The police are also extremely keen to encourage more and more people to install CCTV outside their houses.

The head of Metropolitan Police is quoted as saying that homeowners could ‘help’ the police when it comes to solving crimes, so is it time you thought about the benefits that could come along with the installation of CCTV on your property? We’ve taken a closer look at what installing a CCTV camera could mean for you.

Reduced insurance costs

Naturally, home insurance companies are worried about their bottom line, and if you’ve made a claim or two in the past you can expect your premiums to go through the roof. By installing a CCTV system that could act as a deterrent, however, your home is at far less risk of being robbed. If you have a property that is less likely to be robbed, thanks to the installation of CCTV, it stands to reason that you will pay less to your home insurer. Ultimately, it may mean that any initial outlay you spend on the installation of CCTV could be recouped fairly quickly when it comes to renewing your insurance premiums.

Contributes to a safer neighbourhood

We all want to be a good neighbour and by simply installing a CCTV camera or system on your property, you’ll be building up the confidence of people within your community. If your neighbourhood has fallen victim to crime recently, a CCTV camera can record the outside of your property and the surrounding area, meaning children will be able to go outside and play, safe in the knowledge that the area is secure.

Provides evidence

If you’ve been the victim of a home robbery, you’ll know just how frustrating it is when you hear that the police have closed the case without finding the perpetrator due to a lack of evidence. CCTV can provide that missing evidence and ensure that those responsible are ultimately brought to justice. Having recorded footage from the break-in can prove extremely useful to the investigators involved, so if you don’t want to receive another letter from the police force saying that they’ve stopped looking into your case, then CCTV could be the way to go.

Added safety

CCTV is proven to add to the security of your home which in turn will make you feel safer. Having to sleep in your home after a break-in can be pretty unnerving, but with CCTV and the added security it brings, you can go to sleep safe in the knowledge that your house is secure and safe from any potential burglaries.

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