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Can CCTV Cameras Record Audio?


Some CCTV cameras do have the capability of recording audio, although analogue CCTV cameras and IP CCTV cameras record the sound in different ways. Analogue CCTV cameras require that the audio input is directly fed …

What is a PTZ CCTV Camera?


A PTZ CCTV camera is a Pan, Tilt and Zoom CCTV camera. These are higher capability CCTV cameras that unlike normal CCTV cameras have the ability to pan, tilt and zoom. This enables these types …

Are CCTV Cameras Expensive?


Like any electrical item, there are a wide range of prices for CCTV cameras from just a few pounds for dummy CCTV camera to spending hundreds or even thousands on specialist or bespoke CCTV cameras. …

What Types of CCTV Camera Are There?


Some people think that all CCTV cameras are the same but actually there are a wide variety of CCTV camera types available. This is because CCTV is used for a range of reasons which means …

Why Do Surveillance Cameras Have Bad Quality Footage?


We live in a digital age in which every one of us can shoot high definition footage from the comfort of our smartphones. Yet when the police appeal for help with identifying a suspect for …

What is the Difference Between a CCTV Camera and an IP Camera?


The difference between a CCTV camera and an IP camera is quite distinct. IP cameras work with an ethernet cable and they transmit a digital signal. They are networked usually within a LAN (Local Area …

When Was CCTV Invented?


The first CTV system was invented in in 1942 during World War Two. Walter Bruch, a German engineer wanted to be able to monitor V2 rocket launches and hence designed the world’s first CCTV system, …

What are Surveillance Cameras For?


When asking what are surveillance cameras for, the clue is in the question… surveillance. Surveillance means the close observation, especially of a suspected spy or criminal’ and this is essentially what CCTV and surveillance cameras …

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