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5 SUPER SIMPLE Tips to Avoid a Burglary


It was the invention of the deadbolt in the 1960’s that first frustrated burglars and residential burglaries saw a nose-dive. With more recent additions to the home-security arsenal including electronic security, near-ubiquitous CCTV – both …

QUICK OVERVIEW: CCTV Installation Regulations


Much of modern life is played out in public, via the internet and social media. CCTV systems have become increasingly common throughout businesses and homes, not least as the equipment is now highly affordable. So, …

What Is The Best Brand Of CCTV Camera?


One of the most common questions that people ask when purchasing a new CCTV system is ‘What is the best brand of CCTV camera?’ There are lots of different CCTV camera manufacturers making CCTV cameras …

Should You Repair Or Replace A Faulty CCTV System?


If your CCTV system has developed a fault, then you are left with a tough decision to make. Should you repair your CCTV system? Or should you repair it?

What Is CCTV Remote Monitoring?


If you’ve been looking at getting a CCTV system installed then you may have heard the phrase ‘remote monitoring’. If you’re wondering what remote monitoring is it is a very effective security solution that can …

What Is The Difference Between A DVR And An NVR?


If you’re looking to purchase a new CCTV system then you may want have come across lots of terminology that you don’t understand. Two such terms may be DVR and NVR.

How Common Is CCTV In The UK?


CCTV in the UK is very common and in the past 10 years its use has increased rapidly. According to the latest statistics, over £300 million per year is now being spent on CCTV cameras …

What Are The Legal Requirements For Installing CCTV?


In the UK, depending upon when and where you install CCTV, you may be subject to various legal requirements. If you are installing it on a domestic property for solely non-commercial use, CCTV is subject …

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