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Are CCTV Cameras useful?


We will obviously be biased somewhat, as we sell and install CCTV Systems throughout the UK – but lets take a step back shall we? CCTV is useful for two main reasons – monitoring and recording. A …

What is CCTV used for?


This is a varied question, so we will explore it in a general sense rather than getting too technical. CCTV stands for Closed Circuit TeleVision – i.e CCTV is a Video and TV system designed …

How many CCTV Cameras are there in Britain/UK?


CCTV systems are important surveillance devices. For sometime now, there have been several debates over how many CCTV cameras are there in Britain. This debate has been conducted in local papers, on TV, Radio and …

How long do supermarkets keep CCTV?


Depending on an organisation, CCTV footage may be required for trend analysis, investigation, auditing and retrieval. In as supermarket situations, CCTV can be used for trend analysis as well as for investigation. Depending on the …

How long do banks keep CCTV?


The retention time for banks to keep CCTV varies. It may take the days or months until something or someone responds in such a way to be noticed. For instance, it may take days for …

How many CCTV cameras are there in England?


The initial figure, handed out based on a probability research by David Davis, quoting an overall figure of 4.2 million CCTV cameras in England. This is based on the premise that there is one CCTV …

How many CCTV cameras are there in the UK in 2011?


The media in the UK points out that CCTV public space surveillance is the most elaborate anywhere in the world. Maybe there is some truth to it, maybe not. The latest ACPO research put the …

How many CCTV Cameras are there in the UK?


****UPDATED JUNE 2017****  Across the UK, there are thought to be around 1.85 million CCTV cameras, many of which are run by private companies. That figure comes from research by Cheshire Police, which involved police …

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