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Data Protection Act for CCTV


CCTV is exempt from the data protection act unless capturing footage of individuals outside the property. If camera covers beyond property boundaries it is no longer exempt. This doesn’t mean you are breaching the DPA …

How to view CCTV on iPhone?


A question we get asked a lot is How to view CCTV on an iPhone? This is a very easy process, as long as your DVR recorder box (the part of your CCTV system that records …

How to connect CCTV to iPhone


Connecting your CCTV to an iPhone is a fairly simple process as long as you have a compatible recorder (DVR) box. We provide a service for setting up CCTV to iPhone over the phone: just …

What is a CCTV Remote Monitoring Centre?


A CCTV remote monitoring centre is a control room which houses specially trained operators able to react immediately to any incident presented to them. CCTV images that are displayed to them on a bank of …

Benefits of Remote CCTV Monitoring


One of the main benefits of remote CCTV monitoring is that it makes it possible to be proactive in preventing crime rather than having to react after an event has taken place. If you can …

CCTV Remote Monitoring Regulations


There are industry standards in operation that affect the design, installation, operation and maintenance of integrated security management systems. With particular reference to remote control CCTV systems is the British Standard BS8418 Code of Practice …

Remote CCTV Monitoring Software


There are several different types of Remote CCTV Monitoring Software available: DOMESTIC PC BASED SYSTEMS Many CCTV Kits come with some sort of software to help you manage and run your CCTV cameras and obviously …

How does remote CCTV monitoring work?


One of the best ways of providing security 24 hours a day, seven days a week, is by means of a professionally managed CCTV remote monitoring service. It brings a wealth of benefits, both logistically …

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