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How many CCTV cameras are in China?


China ranks as the country with the highest number of surveillance systems in the world, at an estimate of 200 million cameras. Such a figure amounts to approximately 1 camera for every 7 people. The …

Are there cameras everywhere in the UK?


The UK is one of the most monitored countries in the world. According to latest figures, there are approximately 1.85 million CCTV cameras watching over the UK, which equates to one camera for every 32 …

How many CCTV Cameras are there in the UK?


Do you ever get the feeling that you’re being watched? In a majority of places, you are. Most private businesses have CCTV cameras, recording every customer that walks through the door, and they’re becoming increasingly …

Which city has the most CCTV Cameras?


CCTV, or closed-circuit television, is being relied upon more and more by professionals attempting to fight crime. The footage they record can be incredibly useful during a criminal investigation, and cameras can also serve as …

Should Families get 24/7 Access to Care Home CCTV?


Allowing worried families access to CCTV could help prevent cases such as Whorlton Hall from happening again. Thanks to the excellent undercover journalism by programmes including BBC Panorama, we have all become aware of the …

How many types of CCTV Cameras are there?


Close Circuit Television (CCTV) Cameras are cameras that are installed in places where monitoring of security and conduct of people is necessary. Common places where these devices are used include; residential buildings, business premises, offices, …

Which Country has the MOST CCTV Cameras in the World?


We live increasingly in a digital world where technology advances faster than ever. This is particularly true of surveillance technology. National governments are driving the rapid growth of this area, as they seek to monitor …

Number of CCTV Cameras in London to Top 627,000 in 2019


The number of security cameras in the capital is set to reach 627,000 in 2019, and could top 1m cameras in 2025 according to new research. The research undertaken by CCTV.co.uk shows that the number …

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