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Cambridge CCTV control room flooded


Most of us realise the importance of CCTV cameras both on our own property and in public places these days. They help police and the local authorities keep an eye on major routes and streets …

Carlisle to turn off CCTV?


Residents in Carlisle have voiced concerns over the local council’s plans to turn off the city’s CCTV cameras. The council say that they are looking into the prospect of turning them off because they need …

CCTV helping Police in crime crackdown


Vigilant CCTV operatives are proving that there is nowhere to hide as far as criminals are concerned. For example, operators of Bury’s CCTV systems in Lancashire helped police to arrest two 15-year-old boys, who were …

Woman’s life saved by CCTV in Wales


One Welsh woman in particular is in no doubt at all about the value of CCTV monitoring – it may well have saved her life. She was spotted by a CCTV operator lying unconscious at …

CCTV use at an all time high


The popularity of CCTV cameras is rising all the time, according to latest figures. Both private use and local authority use of the surveillance system is at an all time high, with many people saying …

Wales benefiting from CCTV


CCTV is known to help police and local authorities clamp down on anti-social behaviour and crime, and now it seems yet another council has given in and purchased the surveillance system in a bid to …

Do CCTV budget cuts mean we are more vulnerable?


With regards to the latest government cuts, it is hardly surprising that many people are concerned about public safety, the amount of police on the beat, and the potential rise in crime that will stem …

CCTV needed in Lincoln


Dear CCTV.co.uk Please can you provide me with a quote for a CCTV Installation in my home in Lincon. There is lots of crime in the area and I need to feel safer. Thanks, KP, …

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