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“Sorry mate, couldn’t find you”: The curse of the cold takeaway is probably your fault


Dark streets and lack of visible numbering mean vital deliveries aren’t getting through! Brits spend billions of pounds every year on hot takeaway meals, but tens of thousands of deliveries go straight in the bin …

Watch out for Red Monday! The Black Friday delivery day sending couriers into meltdown


Customers to be left playing hide and seek once again after parcels are left in crazy places. As another Black Friday descends upon us, online shoppers have revealed the weirdest and most perplexing places couriers …

What goes bump in the night? Mums sleepless over burglary fears


Fear of crime soars in mothers as they worry about family and home in modern Britain Mothers in the United Kingdom fear crime against their family and property on a daily basis and lose sleep …

Where’s your bicycle? No, really — where is it right now?


Cyclists live in fear of having their bicycles stolen — because it’s happened to them before Two-thirds of cyclists have experienced bicycle theft at least once in their lives, and three-quarters fear that they will …

You don’t even need a key! Land Rover Defender thefts reach epic proportions


Huge crime wave is hitting and the classic Land Rover Defender is the number one target Barely a day goes by without the report of yet another stolen Land Rover Defender somewhere in the UK, …

Newcastle firework money to be used for CCTV instead


Money set aside for an annual firework display will now go towards new CCTV cameras The money that was earmarked for an annual Newcastle Bonfire Night event will instead be used for the purchase and …

New safety tips for London – text alerts and more CCTV


The new report includes over 120 safety recommendations to protect London from terrorist threats A new report published at the end of October, outlines 120 recommendations to protect London from terrosists attacks, including more CCTV …

CCTV & The Data Protection Act – Business CCTV Explained


Any business which uses a CCTV system for security or monitoring purposes needs to be aware of its legal obligations. As a collector of data (the recorded images from a camera system), organisations automatically fall under the …

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