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5 TOP Tips to Prevent SHOPLIFTING


Recent statistics show shoplifting is on the increase, with just under 400,000 offences recorded in the UK in the last year alone. For the small business owner, its impact can be particularly significant, especially if …

Things that go bump in the night: Dads ‘too scared’ to investigate


Nearly three-quarters of fathers are too scared to go and investigate strange noises around the home at night time, it appears. And, to make things worse, a national CCTV company has found that it’s mum …

What’s involved in a site survey for CCTV Installation?


There are a lot of reasons that people decide to install a CCTV system and as the equipment is so affordable these days, it puts it in reach of anyone who needs to “keep an …

A SIMPLE GUIDE: How does CCTV work?


CCTV is a feature of everyday life thanks to society’s need for increased vigilance. The equipment is also becoming highly affordable, opening up use to individuals as well as businesses. But what exactly is CCTV …

What are the PSA 2006 12 requirements for CCTV Installation?


The PSA 2006 12 requirements for CCTV installation is a set of guidelines issued by the Private Security Authority in Ireland. The document contains the PSA licensing requirements for the installation of CCTV systems, aiming …

£35 per year – CCTV owners falling foul of ICO registration risk £500,000 fine


Recent fines remind bosses not to fall foul of data protection law It’s only £35 per year, but businesses are still failing to register their CCTV systems with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and risking …

Checklist for CCTV Camera Installation and Commissioning


When installing a CCTV system, it is always best to follow a few procedures to ensure that your CCTV equipment is safe and working efficiently. Here is a short checklist to bear in mind when …

“Sorry mate, couldn’t find you”: The curse of the cold takeaway is probably your fault


Dark streets and lack of visible numbering mean vital deliveries aren’t getting through! Brits spend billions of pounds every year on hot takeaway meals, but tens of thousands of deliveries go straight in the bin …

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