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CCTV for Schools: Achieving the Best Outcome


CCTV plays a crucial role in protecting our society. Many homes now have at least one CCTV camera, and many businesses use them both inside and outside to ensure they protect their employees and their …

Mail order madness: You parcel HASN’T been left in a safe place


Busy couriers are leaving parcels in bins, in gardens and under cars  Christmas 2017 is the year that the Festive Season arrived by mail order. However, in many cases the deliveries aren’t quite getting through, …

Maintain or Fix? The Crucial Difference When Looking After Your CCTV Cameras


When you get a new CCTV system installed, the chances are very good you won’t be thinking about repairing or maintaining it. After all, it’s newly-installed, and it should be in fine working order. However, …

Blind Spots and Why Professional Installation Will Eradicate Them


How confident are you at your ability to install a closed-circuit television kit you have bought yourself? It’s easy to get caught up in the blurb on the box. Most of these kits will tell …

CCTV with Night Vision


There are lots of considerations to bear in mind whenever you are looking to buy and install CCTV cameras. One key area to explore is the use of cameras that allow night vision. Not all …

Remote Viewing for CCTV


Many CCTV systems offer cameras that watch over your property when you’re not there. While security cameras do provide a visual deterrent for many who are in the business of breaking into properties, this element …

Marine CCTV: Not Just Protecting Property


Think about CCTV cameras and you think of cameras mounted inside and outside shops, and those monitoring the exterior of a private property. Chances are you won’t think about cameras used on boats. But yachts …

Burglars are More Likely to Avoid Properties with CCTV Than Those with Security Lights


Security lights provide an effective deterrent to would-be burglars. One may approach the darkened rear of a house, only to find themselves caught in a floodlight that makes it impossible to progress unseen. It’s no …

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