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Business Security Systems – Ideas & Guide

Theft is the bane of all businesses and results in lost income and lost business hours.

That’s why companies need a business security strategy to ensure that criminals don’t win while not letting the fear of crime become your number one worry.

No business is immune to theft, but there are sensible steps the business owner can take to minimise the risk.

The simplest step you can take is a security audit where risks can be identified, evaluated and neutralised. In many cases, the answers are simple – for example, changing procedures so valuable objects are not visible or easily accessible; or fitting extra security devices to vulnerable doors and windows.

Most practical steps that any company can take are common sense, and many do not require a substantial budgetary outlay. Others, which might involve an investment, can be seen as long-term solutions that will pay for themselves with reduced losses through crime and lower insurance premiums.

  • Consider a CCTV system. While these may look like an expense too far in economically straightened times, the deterrent effect of visible cameras and a well-planned system will put off even the most desperate criminal if there is a chance of them being identified.
  • Install an alarm system. Ensure that it is properly serviced and monitored. This may already be a condition of your insurance policy.
  • Improve your company’s external lighting. This is an obvious way of securing your premises, particularly if visible from the street. Light – especially on dark winter’s evenings – is Kryptonite to criminals who like to work where they can’t be seen. Many break-ins come as a result of broken lighting, affording the crook the cover of darkness.
  • While considering lighting, a light left on inside at night will give the impression that a property is occupied. Any doubt on behalf of a burglar is enough to stop them.
  • Window locks and safety glazing. Windows tend to be a weak point, and it’s worth noting that window locks aren’t worth the money spent on them if there isn’t a security regime to make sure windows are closed at the end of a working day.
  • Make sure staff know their responsibilities when it comes to business security. Encourage staff to come forward with any concerns they might have even if they think it trivial. Consider a system of reward, because loyal staff are your first line of defence.

Business security is a concern for all people working for a company and organisation.

Business leaders need not turn their premises into Fort Knox, but sensible precautions mean that bosses don’t loss money and waste time clearing up after crime.

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