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CCTV Installation Bolton

We serve customers with CCTV solutions in the large town of Bolton.

Our team of CCTV experts can help you protect your property with a competitively priced system, professionally installed – call us today to book a free quote!

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Bolton suffers with a very high level of crime – with all types being either average or higher. Burglary, criminal damage and anti-social behaviour are all high.

Trying to prevent crime is difficult, however you can use CCTV cameras to provide a first class deterrent against many types of crimes – criminals simply hate cameras.

Why do you need CCTV?

Reasons why our Bolton customers are having CCTV installed...

Had my car scratched, and need CCTV to protect it.

Randal Street, Bolton

How can we help?

3 Locations You Can Protect with CCTV at Home

If you’re thinking about installing CCTV cameras at home, there are probably two main places you want them installed. One will be monitoring the front door of your property, and the other will be focusing on your back door.

But while you are focusing on the two main areas that require protection, you could be missing out on some other areas burglars may be tempted to break into. Do you have any of these at your property, and if so, have you factored them into your plans?

Log cabins

If you have a log cabin, you might use it for multiple purposes. It can be a home office, a playroom, a quiet space to relax in, and anything in-between. But it almost always becomes the home of items that can really add up – and if this is true of your log cabin, you should consider monitoring it via CCTV.


Even if you don’t keep a car in yours, you might have hundreds of pounds’ worth of tools in there. If you have a hobby, you could have other items in there associated with that, too. And that is without the potential for garden items that can add up.

If you’re not convinced, try creating an inventory of what you have in your garage. How much would it cost you to replace them if they were stolen? Even if insurance covers them, you would still have the hassle of putting in a claim. Why not limit the odds they’ll be stolen to start with?


Sheds are usually the home of lawn mowers, strimmers, and hedge trimmers. Once you add in all the garden tools, and perhaps one or two bikes as well, the value of the items in there can add up.

You may not need a dedicated camera focused on your garden shed, but if you have a pan-tilt-swivel camera positioned near the rear of your house, this could be angled to take in the garden shed as well, if possible.

Our team will be happy to help you find the best solution to your security problems:

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  • Repairs and servicing to older systems

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