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CCTV for Boats, Yachts & Ships

Some people find themselves all at sea when it comes to deciding how to best protect their property, but for you, as a yacht owner, it should all be plain sailing.

What is there to consider? You want to keep you boat safe. You don’t want a thief in the night to snatch it from its moorings and glide silently off into the wide blue yonder; or an intruder to cause substantial damage; or, worse still, commit arson.

So you install a CCTV system. What could be more simple. And it need not be too expensive, either.

Here you have a first-class deterrent. Why would anyone want to risk being caught acting out any kind of crime in relation to your yacht when they can find others which lack such sensible security measures?

In fact, they are so effective that some people use dummy cameras, and these are obviously the cheapest form of equipment you can purchase.

The only draw-back is that if a criminal does decide to risk it there will be no footage available to help catch them.

It pays, therefore, to go the whole way, so that you know if anyone is foolish enough to go ahead with trespassing on your yacht you will have the evidence to identify them and bring them to book.

You will, therefore, have the peace of mind that a 24/7 surveillance facility can bring.

Call our team and we can quote for all types of boat CCTV systems – we also have install teams around the country, with experience of installing CCTV in all types of vessels, call us on 0800 211 8310.

CCTV for Boats, Yachts, and Ships

Boats, yachts, and ships are, by their very nature, high value assets, and unfortunately, that makes them a prime target for theft and vandalism. Even kept in the safest and most secure location, determined criminals can and do get in, as exemplified by the growing number of ships being reported as stolen.

Unfortunately, the cost of hiring someone to protect your property around the clock is prohibitive, making this a less than ideal avenue to explore. Even sharing the expense with other boat or yacht owners, you would be looking at paying someone a living wage 365 days of the year.

Unless you consider alternatives such as the one we offer: the ability to monitor your vessel using a marine CCTV system. Ensuring that there is always someone watching over your ship without the need for you to hire a physical on-site presence, we can work with you to dramatically decrease the risk of theft.

Our products are perfectly designed for such a task. Offering high-quality visuals, we can position them so that they cover all possible entry points in the event of someone trying to enter your boat, ship, or yacht, so that even should the worst happen, the police and criminal justice services have plenty to assist them in their investigations.

Committed to providing a premier customer experience, we’ll treat you as an individual throughout the entirety of the installation process, talking you through every part of what we’re doing and taking your feedback on board throughout. We want you to feel fully involved in the decision-making so that we know your every need has been properly met by our team.

To learn more about installing CCTV for your boat, ship, or yacht, or any of the other services we offer, please get in contact with us today. We’re always happy to help with any questions or queries you might have.

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