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Black Friday CCTV Deals: Are They Worth It?

By the time you read this, Black Friday will be over. However, this represents only the beginning of the prolonged sales period that now leads up to Christmas. Many people will be out shopping for gifts and bargains, and others will be searching the internet for the best deals.

Among the most popular products to buy on Black Friday and in the pre-Christmas sales are high-ticket items. A 25% or 50% discount on an item that would normally cost £100 or more is a great deal. However, you can be sure many people will be caught up in impulse buying on Black Friday and beyond. That means there is a chance they could buy something they later regret.

So, is a CCTV kit the perfect deal to look for at this time of year, or should you step back and consider a few pointers first?

It’s only a good deal if it is the right kit for your needs

If you have already done your research, you’ve found a CCTV kit that suits your needs, and you see it discounted in the sale, this would be a great time to buy. However, if you are unsure of your needs, buying a random CCTV kit just because it is discounted wouldn’t be a smart move.

Many websites have time limits or stock limits on Black Friday and sale deals. Don’t get caught out and buy something under pressure. Make sure you know the kit you are choosing is going to work for you first.

Beware of artificially-inflated prices

Some stores raise the price of certain stock items a few weeks prior to the sale. You then see those items ‘reduced’… even though they often go back to their original price.

If you have been researching the CCTV market for a while, you will know which kits represent good value for money, and whether it is worth buying at this time of year or not.

Compare, compare, compare

Comparing deals between providers – whether online or off – is essential if you are going to secure a bargain. This applies to CCTV kits and to separate parts. Know what you are buying, and know what the best source is for that stock.

One final point – if you have a budget, the sales may mean you can get a better kit than you had in mind for your cash. That’s often the best deal of all.

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