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5 Top Home Security Tips for Birmingham

Top 5 must know home security tips in Birmingham

Security is a major issue for homeowners, as nobody wants to obtain things only to be deprived by a smart neighbourhood thief.

The perception that your home is justifiably secure would permit you the confidence to travel where you wish and when you want. In the same way, you would also guarantee that your dependants are safe irrespective the time of day.

1. Install a burglar alarm

Having an alarm installed is pretty foolproof. An alarm is a cure-all. It is an impassible force field that takes the unreliability out of home security. Once installed, whether functional or a dummy (look-alike), it will make your home a less favourable target to a potential thief. Remember alarms are most effective when they are installed in a clear-cut location.

2. Outside Lights

Consider installing lights that light automatically at night or that detect motion. The first rule of any burglar is not to get caught, hence it is imperative to avoid detection. The outdoor lights should be strategically placed for optimum visibility. Lighting outdoors and indoors broadcasts the presence of an occupant. This dissuades anyone from breaking and entering.

3. Lock up

A burglar can break in through the door or the window. Invest in windows stops on sliding windows and possibly upgrade to burglar-proof glass. The doors should be either metal or solid wood to ensure it holds and install interior door hinges for firm security. For extra security, you can also install multiple locks and invest in a British Standard Lock which is reliable.

4. Avoid Broadcasting your location

Don’t publish information on social media that can be exploited by potential thieves. Posting personal information about time off, holidays or expensive goods awards a potential thief everything they need to know about your whereabouts and what valuable items you have. Adjusting your privacy settings can help, as well as eliminating ‘location’ settings from your posts.

5. Be Careful with your keys

Leaving your keys on display may entice a burglar to break in your home over another. Your keys should never be put within reaching distance from any entry point. An average burglar knows that some people will hide spare keys under doormats, plant pots, and around sheds. Instead of hiding spare keys, you can wrap them in foil and bury them when you can reach it easily.

It’s never fun to contemplate about the possibility of a home invasion actually happening to you but nevertheless, the possibility exists.

If security concerns are causing you loss of sleep, consider applying these tips, and your home will be safe and secure.

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