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CCTV Installation Bexhill-on-Sea

We install CCTV systems in residential and commercial premises throughout Bexhill-on-Sea.

Seeking professional advice: Of course, no two businesses have the same requirements, nor do they have the same building layout or size to consider. That’s why getting some expert advice is always a great idea when you’re thinking about investing in CCTV. Call today on 0800 211 8310 to get the best no-obligation advice from our experienced team now.

Our team of engineers are highly skilled, and can deliver outstanding security and protection for your home or business. Feel free to contact us to request a free quote today.

While the crime rate in Bexhill-on-Sea is generally low, there are pockets of crime such as shoplifting, theft and anti-social behaviour which are higher and on par the with national average as a whole.

Both shoplifting and anti-social behaviour can be deterred by using CCTV cameras – simply just having them installed is a very obvious deterrent to any chancer thief. CCTV is also an excellent way to protect property for homes and businesses alike – with theft rates being slashed as a result of installations.

How can we help?

Should CCTV Cameras Be Used for all Businesses?

Many of us have seen CCTV cameras in shops both small and large. However, not all businesses welcome customers into their premises. So, are closed-circuit cameras necessary for every business, or just for some?

There is a need for cameras to monitor the interior of shops that receive customers daily. This enables the owner to keep an eye on the shop, regardless of whether the customers are in sight of the counter or not. Installing cameras outside the premises may also be a good idea, providing they are installed properly and legally.

Capturing footage of break-ins

But many businesses would benefit from having closed-circuit television inside their premises. For example, a large warehouse may hold thousands of pounds’ worth of stock. If someone broke in, the CCTV would capture their actions and potentially hold crucial evidence that would help the police catch them.

Accidents can happen

Cameras can also provide evidence if an accident should occur in the workplace. Finding out what happened in instances such as these can be complex. Not every witness will give the same story of what occurred, purely because they may remember it differently. CCTV footage cannot be questioned, however, and may prove whether someone was negligent, and who was at fault. This can help in any court case or claim that may result from the accident.

CCTV can reduce insurance costs

All businesses have outgoings, and some may be higher than others. Insurance is just one essential cost all businesses must meet, with some purchasing more insurance policies than others. Insuring the stock, machinery, and other equipment involved in the business can be expensive, but there are ways to reduce this cost. One such method is by having CCTV cameras installed to enhance security, and thereby ensure the business is as well-protected as possible.

By deterring someone from committing a crime, insurance companies may view the business as a lower risk than it would otherwise have been. Thus, installing CCTV could be a smart decision for anyone who owns a business.


Our team in Bexhill-on-Sea is ready to help you add an extra layer of protection to your property – to help you deter theft and criminal behaviour.

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