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CCTV Installation Battersea

We are expert CCTV specialist engineers located in Battersea, London.

Our team can help you find the perfect CCTV cameras for your home or business – call us 24/7 for a free quotation!

Call on the CCTV experts now to discover how our CCTV installation services could help you secure your property in Battersea. We work with local businesses of all sizes, not to mention homeowners in Battersea, to find the best and most affordable solution in each case.

When you learn how easy it is to invest in a good-quality CCTV system, you’ll want to know more. Improve your security today, no matter whether you live in a small house or you want to protect your multi-site business. Call us today and see how easy it can be to get CCTV installed by us.

The crime rate is unfortunately very high in Battersea – with levels of theft crime being higher than the national average – which is generally the trend for inner London.

Many thefts occur because property owners do not protect their properties correctly – CCTV camera deter crime and this is proven many times – so by installing CCTV you can deter, monitor and record all types of criminal behaviour.

Crime in Battersea

In 2013-2014 reports of theft, violence and anti-social behaviour are the most prominent of recorded crimes in and around Battersea. While surrounding areas are seeing falling crime rates, Wandsworth borough remains significant among crime records in similar areas.

With case taking just over five months on average to go through London magistrates courts, over ten months in Crown courts, we know it makes sense to prevent crime in the first place – saving you valuable time and money in the long run.

Investment in a reliable, well-maintained CCTV system can be an effective deterrent against criminal damage to your domestic or business property and may reduce your insurance premiums. At cctv.co.uk we can offer you friendly advice as well as:

  • Latest equipment with court-accepted, clear quality imaging
  • Professional installation from our expert engineers, minimising blind spots
  • 24 hour monitoring, as well as the ability to view your system via smartphone

Call our friendly team today on 0800 211 8310 for a free personalised quote and see how easy it is to secure your future.

  • Hide your car keys whenever you go to bed or leave the house. If you are unlucky enough to be broken into, don’t make it easy for a burglar to take your car too.
  • Position cameras in areas where employees could be left alone and vulnerable, such as staff car parks and monitor any secluded areas outside your business premises that could be at risk from vandals, such as back alleys and parking areas. Make sure the cameras are in full view and include the bright yellow CCTV warning signs.

How can we help?

If you are looking for a CCTV system installation in Battersea in order to increase the security of your business premises or home we can offer you help and advice from our fully qualified CCTV technicians.

Fill in the form below for a free quote on our CCTV services.

  • We can install a CCTV system in both business and domestic properties
  • We can help repair or maintain existing CCTV cameras
  • You can receive the best advice regarding the CCTV equipment to suit your needs

Our CCTV services in Battersea can help you in improving the security of your home or business.

Exploring the benefits of having CCTV

No one ever imagines they will be the victim of a burglary or that their property will be vandalised. While the odds of being affected may be long, you can reduce those odds still further by investing in a top-notch CCTV system. The visible nature of the system means you can always be sure your property is being watched – even when you’re not there.

Our cameras record around the clock, too, so you can be certain of capturing images from all times of the day and night. No matter when someone turns up to cause trouble, you’ll easily capture images of them. Our infra-red cameras also make it easier to get images in the worst weather and in the dead of night.

Closed-circuit television cameras are ideal for protecting both private properties and business premises. You can also find the right kit for your needs, no matter how much ground or how many entrances and exits you wish to cover.

Being burgled can make you feel especially vulnerable. Insurance may cover the monetary value of things stolen, but it cannot make you feel safer. Installing CCTV may prevent such a crime from affecting you in the first place. Isn’t it better to avoid this happening than to deal with the consequences once it has occurred?

12-month warranty

We ensure you have the peace of mind you need by offering a full 12-month warranty as standard, no matter which system you choose.

Future upgrades available

Don’t be concerned you’ll be stuck with a system that no longer works in a few months from now. We provide future upgrades to ensure you always have one of the best systems around.

Capture essential evidence for police

Target vandals and thieves by capturing evidence of their presence on your cameras. HD images mean easier identification, thus helping the police do their job.

Best price guaranteed

Never pay a penny more than you need to, thanks to our ‘best price guaranteed’ offer. Call today to find out how much you could save by choosing one of our CCTV systems.

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