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Bank CCTV Systems

We design and install state of the art CCTV systems suitable for banks, building societies and cash movement businesses.

If a bank can only be one thing then that one thing should be secure. A bank without a robust security system is an open invitation to criminals looking to fill their pockets with vast swathes of cash. Therefore, to assure the safety of a bank’s staff, and the security of its contents, a top-quality CCTV system is an absolute necessity.

Banks are high risk - Recording everything from armed attacks to fraud means system need to be high quality and super reliable

Banks are high risk – Recording everything from armed attacks to fraud means systems need to be high quality and super reliable

The professionally installed CCTV systems we supply can offer banks the comprehensive levels of security that they require. Offering a highly-effective deterrent to criminals, we have a variety of cameras suitable for surveillance both inside and outside the premises.

Our professional bank CCTV installations offer:

  • 24 hour surveillance that you can rely on 100% of the time to capture any disturbance or intrusion.
  • Remote monitoring capability. We can integrate our cameras into your wifi allowing you to view live CCTV footage from all your cameras on your desktop, tablet or mobile.
  • Security camera systems tailored to your exact needs. We can supply as many cameras as you need to monitor the areas of your premises that you require.
  • A strong visual deterrent to keep criminals from targeting your property.
  • Cameras positioned in the optimum positions to ensure that images of the highest quality are captured

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