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Are Dummy CCTV Cameras Any Good?

When some people consider purchasing a CCTV system, one of the things they consider is whether a dummy CCTV system is worth buying. Dummy CCTV cameras can look very convincing and because they are only dummies, there is no actual CCTV system which makes these dummy cameras very cheap.

There is no doubt that the main benefit of installing a CCTV system at any property is crime prevention. Several years a number of reformed burglars who had gone straight revealed some of the tricks of the trade and thought processes of burglars. One said:

‘We had two priorities – we wanted to be in and out as quickly as possible, and avoid confrontation. So we’d avoid properties with monitored alarms and CCTV as that would cause us extra hassle.’

This would suggest that dummy CCTV cameras would be reasonably effective at being a deterrent for burglars. However, burglars these days are becoming more and more sophisticated and many now may be able to spot a dummy CCTV camera, even a good one. So what does this mean? It could make your property even MORE of a target. If a burglar knows you have dummy CCTV cameras it suggests that you have something of value and without the deterrent of being filmed, they may very well attempt to break into your property.

With the price of CCTV coming down all the time and even budget options offering a great range of features, it really is a false economy to go down the dummy CCTV route.

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