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CCTV Installation Alfreton

We install CCTV Systems for businesses and residential customers in and around Alfreton in Derbyshire.

Our team of experienced installers can advise and assist you in getting the security system you need to protect your property.  So if you want to provide your property with top-quality security then we are here for you.

Just call our installation hotline on 0800 211 8310, or fill in our online form for a free no-obligation quote.

You can benefit from our expert technical support and advice now

If you’re considering getting CCTV in Alfreton, make sure you start by calling us on 0800 211 8310. This is the best way to ensure you can talk through your requirements and get the best quote for the system you are looking for. We’re always on hand to give you the benefit of our experience.




Crime rates across Alfreton are low, according to the latest statistics released by Derbyshire Police.

However, while crime rates are low they are not non-existent.  Therefore, CCTV can offer you an exceptionally effective means of deterring criminals and ensuring that your property stays safe.

How can we help?

Technical Support: What is it Worth to You?

Some things in life are easy to figure out. However, in some instances, you need to consult an expert to find the easiest and best solution.

The same applies with closed-circuit television systems. It’s easy to understand why some people choose to go down the DIY route when they want to get CCTV, whether it is for their business or their home in Alfreton. But the DIY route means you must literally do everything yourself, from buying the kit, to installing it, to figuring out any problems you might have with it. Technical support isn’t as easy to come by in this situation.

But when you opt for the full supply-and-install option, you get the benefit of full technical support as well. That is great news for you, particularly if you are only just learning the basics of CCTV.

You can rely on the best advice from the start

Experienced installers know all the ins and outs of every CCTV system available. They know how best to install them to get the best outcome and service from each. They also know how to identify which system will work best in a location – something that is far easier to work out when you have ample experience in the industry.

If you’re stuck on what to buy, what you need, and which features matter most to you, professional installers can provide all the technical support you’re after.

Always just a call away

Being able to pick up the phone to contact an expert is just what you need when something goes wrong, or if you’re in need of help in some other way. Technical support is invaluable for minor niggles once a CCTV system has been installed, and for getting answers to more complex questions and issues.

In a sense, technical support is a bit like a fire extinguisher. No one would ever want to have cause to use one, but we would all still rather we had one than not.

The top-quality CCTV systems we install for our clients offer superb levels of security.  We can help you attain comprehensive 24 hour security for your property, so you can enjoy complete peace of mind when it comes to security.

We have a range of cameras available and can offer systems with remote monitoring capabilities so you can check up on security while away from your property.

If you are looking to install CCTV in Alfreton, then we can help:

  • We install CCTV Cameras to both business and residential customers
  • We can repair and maintain older CCTV systems
  • We also help and advise on the correct installation of cameras throughout your property

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