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We specialise in Vehicle CCTV Systems for business vehicles – cars, taxis, buses, trucks and all types of fleets such as vans, company cars and more.

The aim is to protect your staff and customers from crash for cash scams and provide evidence in accidents.

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The installation of CCTV in vehicles is becoming an increasingly popular phenomenon, especially in light of the disconcerting rise in the number of drivers finding themselves targeted by fraudulent accident claims. However, with a vehicle CCTV installation, you can protect yourself from these schemes and improve the safety of your or your employees driving.

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We offer a range of solutions for drivers looking to install CCTV cameras capable of documenting their driving habits.  The quality of the footage our cameras provide is of a high level, enabling that footage to be used as evidence in court should it be needed in the event of a crash or contested traffic offence.  The range of cameras we provide are suitable for all types of commercial vehicles and provide a number of distinct benefits.

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Why invest in a Vehicle CCTV installation?

Vehicle CCTV installations are particularly popular in fleets of commercial vehicles.  This is because they are capable of providing irrefutable evidence which can minimise the risk posed by fraudsters looking to stage accidents and then reap cash rewards through insurance the insurance claims which follow.  However, the benefits our professionally-installed vehicle CCTV systems provide extend further than tackling this particular issue.

Mitigation of claims
Provide evidence against false claims – reducing insurance claims

Reduce wear and tear
Reduce excessive wear and tear on vehicle by monitoring driver behaviour

Log vehicle journeys
Improve efficiency, vehicle tracking and compliance with vehicle tracking and CCTV

We offer a number of CCTV options which can be fitted in a range of vehicles, including:

  • Forward-facing accident cameras
  • Monitors
  • Side-view cameras
  • Recorders
  • Reversing cameras
  • Interior cameras
  • Vehicle tracking systems

LiveTracking SoftwareIn addition to the evidence our vehicle installations can provide, their presence is also positively associated with driving safety and, therefore, negatively correlated, with accidents while on the road.  The reason for this is fairly simple, drivers who know their driving is being monitored are less willing to take risky and unsafe decisions.  This is because they know that if they do, their actions will be caught in footage, leaving them in a position where they are forced to face accountability for their actions.  This is part of what makes vehicle CCTV installations a popular choice within fleets of lorries and coaches where management may wish to review the behaviour of drivers.

Protect, control and monitor vehicle interiors

Another key feature our cameras provide to the commercial vehicles in which they are installed is the ability to monitor passengers themselves.  This is an ability which proves particularly popular to owners of coach fleets who want to protect their vehicles from the threat of vandalism.  The ability, for example, to monitor the behaviour of pupils on school coaches can both deter instances of vandalism, while also prove as an effective tool for clamping down on instances of bullying and anti-social behaviour which may take place on those coaches.  Such benefits are not only confined to school coaches, however, and can provide similar security solutions for a range of commercial vehicles including taxis, buses and trains.

Taking the first step

The advanced software we can provide for your vehicles allows for travelling speed and GPRS position to be monitored in addition to the high-quality images our cameras produce.  Overall, the installations we provide can offer you a comprehensive overview of your vehicles destination, travelling speed and, through visual footage, incidents it encounters while on the road.

If you want to learn more about the professional installation service we provide, call us today.  Our friendly customer care team can help you with any inquiries you have about our service and provide you with the information you need before taking the next step. CALL 0800 211 8310.

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