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Home CCTV Packages Business CCTV Systems Help & Advice
Home CCTV Packages Business CCTV Systems Help & Advice
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  • A well kept lawn will can help deter burglars. Letting the grass get overgrown could lead to potential burglars thinking you’ve gone away on holiday, and could make your house and your belongings their next target.
  • For the best results, make sure that when you fix the CCTV cameras into position, none of them point towards the sun, or other light source.

Do you feel safe in London?

Our London clients are getting CCTV because:

“Our house was burgled, and ever since we have not felt safe at all – we would like CCTV to cover the house both outside and inside”

Gillett Avenue, London

“No support with funding of CCTV Security in quiet residential are, which puts the safety of all residents at a higher risk”

Bressay Drive, London

“We are experiencing high crime levels, with a neighbour being burgled we need to have better security”

Enfield, Greater London

“No police help or prevention been attacked too many times all I get from police is a crime reference number”

Isleworth, Greater London

London CCTV News & Articles

CCTV has caught the money a drone was used to smuggle drugs into prison
Thursday 26th May, 2016 at 09:00am

Over 2,000 items have been smuggled into UK prisons – CCTV captures this drug smuggling attempt CCTV footage has caught...

CCTV released following arson attack
Monday 2nd May, 2016 at 09:00am

Police release CCTV footage following arsonist attack on a fuel tanker Metropolitan Police have released CCTV footage of a man...

London shoplifter was caught after a special CCTV investigation
Friday 8th April, 2016 at 09:00am

A career criminal has been jailed following a “super recogniser” CCTV investigation A man who stole luxury items from boutiques...

CCTV footage released following assault
Wednesday 16th March, 2016 at 09:00am

Police release CCTV footage following shocking assault in Newham Police investigating a violent assault in the London Borough of Newham...

CCTV footage released shows drug-dealing youth trip up
Tuesday 23rd February, 2016 at 09:00am

CCTV image shows a 17-year-old teenager being caught by the police after a man trips him up The moment a drug-dealing...

Our CCTV Camera Packages

Having a CCTV security system installed in and around your property is one of the most effective ways of making your home or business premises feel safer and more secure.

Installing CCTV cameras around your home will enable you to:

  • Monitor family members left alone in the house
  • View your home remotely from anywhere in the world

It will also help to:

  • Deter burglars and intruders
  • Deter vandals and prevent damage to your property

Home CCTV Packages

A home CCTV system enables you to remotely monitor family members that may be left alone in the house and view your property remotely from wherever you are in the world. Remote access is compatible for use with the iPhone or other device of your choice (Smartphone required – Android, iOS and Windows).

All CCTV packages include, a DVR recorder, free remote access, 1-6 cameras (depending on individual requirements), free motion alerts via e-mail, 30-50 metre IR night vision, complete installation and a two year on-site warranty.

Business CCTV Packages

The benefits of installing a business CCTV secure system are huge and include:

  • Protection from burglary, theft and intruders
  • Prevention against vandalism and damage to property
  • Protection for employees against violent customers
  • Protection for employees against false claims

CCTV monitoring systems can protect your employees from potential violent customers and from any false claims made by either a work colleague or a customer.

Theft is the number one issue for business owners and can cause severe financial loss. Whether it’s shoplifters or employees, installing a CCTV camera system gives business owners the opportunity to catch these individuals.

By installing an outdoor CCTV camera on your premises, you can reduce the risk of vandalism and possible damage to your property.

Each business CCTV package includes a DVR recorder, 18.5 inch monitor, free remote access, free motion alerts via e-mail, 30-50 metre IR night vision, 1-6 cameras (depending on individual requirements), complete installation and a two year on-site warranty.

These high quality CCTV systems can be tailored to suit your requirements and budget and include a free site survey and free expert advice, all at very competitive prices. All installations are carried out by qualified and experienced engineers and a full demonstration of the system is given, with additional after sales support included.

Recent crime stats for London

Type of Crime 2012 2013 2014
Anti-social behaviour 6.13 town-icon-arrow-down4.49
Bicycle theft 1.17 town-icon-arrow-down1.03 town-icon-arrow-up1.14
Burglary 0.96 town-icon-arrow-up1.08 town-icon-arrow-down0.84
Criminal damage 0.74 town-icon-arrow-up0.75 town-icon-arrow-down0.70
Drugs 1.94 town-icon-arrow-down1.54 town-icon-arrow-down1.43
Robbery 0.13 town-icon-arrow-up0.15 0.15
Shoplifting 2.11 town-icon-arrow-down1.85 town-icon-arrow-up1.89
Vehicle crime 0.53 town-icon-arrow-up0.59 town-icon-arrow-up0.61

Crime Statistics for London taken from – per 1,000 of population. 

London, by virtue, has a high crime rate. Many businesses and organisations use CCTV to monitor and protect their premises against theft and damage.

Not only does CCTV help deter instances of burglary and theft in London but security cameras also help in identifying vandals and do successfully help in the prosecution when correctly set up.

London Metropolitan Police force has actually recommended CCTV as an effective tool in securing property from crime, issuing the following statement:

“CCTV systems are an important weapon to fight against crime. CCTV can be used to protect your business or your home against robbery and theft.”

Why use

We are experts in the supply and installation of CCTV Cameras and Systems throughout London. CCTV is used extensively throughout London to prevent against crime and our team of experts work in London every day installing new CCTV Systems for clients looking to combat crime.

Our technicians have years of experience in the correct set up or CCTV for all types of uses:

  • Protecting businesses and residential properties in London
  • Providing detection and monitoring services
  • Consultancy to help prevent crime and vandalism

Our services include:

  • We install CCTV Cameras to businesses and homes within all postcode areas of London
  • Maintenance and repair of existing CCTV systems
  • Consultancy on CCTV Camera positioning and deployment throughout Greater London

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