High Definition has taken CCTV to a different level, offering higher resolution cameras that produce better quality and clearer images.

Based on technology originally designed for use in HD television programmes, HDCCTV cameras bring that same sharpness of footage to a more practical use.

HD CCTVWhat has made the improvement in clarity possible is that the image sensor now allows for higher megapixel resolution and provides a wider field of view which helps to provide a far better overall picture for surveillance. It also facilitates additional zooming or cropping at a later stage, which is additionally helpful in any criminal investigation.

The faster transmission brought about by HD also enables quicker action and response in cases of emergency. While analogue CCTV cameras have to compress data before transmission to the monitor and recording device, what you see on the monitor in the case of HDCCTV reflects exactly what the camera itself is seeing at the time.

Another advantage is quicker control. Unlike analogue, any adjustments an operator may make to the position of a camera registers without delay. The camera will turn, tilt and zoom immediately, allowing the focus to fall on any suspicious activity.

You will also be delighted to learn that integrating HDCCTV into already established systems does not require a complete overhaul.  It is quick and easy. All you have to to is replace the analogue cameras with HD models and upgrade the recording device to reflect the increase in quality and resolution.

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