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CCTV Installation Glasgow

Crime rates in Glasgow

  • Burglary:
  • Shoplifting:
  • Anti-Social Behaviour:
  • Criminal Damage:
  • Theft:
  • Vehicle Crime:

Glasgow’s crime rates, are, as you might expect for a large city – higher than average. This means that Glasgow businesses will be under continued threat from thieves and criminals.

CCTV enables businesses to monitor their stock and property remotely, both during the day and at night. This brings massive benefits, not only to deter crime, but to prosecute against repeat offenders.

We had suffered a lot of anti-social behaviour outside our offices especially late at night, so took the decision to install CCTV. Very happy with the work carried out and we have been able to show the Police footage of loitering and various other acts around the rear of the office building on Albion Place. We feel much safer now.

MG, Albion Place, Leeds

How can we help?

We are expert CCTV installers covering the entire Glasgow area – serving business and residential customers in their effort to detect, reduce and deter crime in their area.

CCTV has a multitude of benefits to all Glasgow businesses – and depending upon your specific requirement, our CCTV technicians can design a system to perform different solutions – such as deterring crime, monitoring staff or stock.

Our services in Glasgow include:

  • CCTV system installation in Glasgow
  • Maintenance and repair of older CCTV Cameras
  • CCTV installers in Glasgow

More information about CCTV in Glasgow

Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV) have brought many benefits to businesses, the greatest of which is surely peace of mind.

If you have a business in Glasgow and have not yet introduced security cameras as a way of protecting your property then maybe it is time for you to enjoy that same peace of mind which a CCTV system offers.

After all, CCTV monitoring is now well established and accepted as part and parcel of business management. You can have a CCTV system that is specific to your company’s requirements, ranging from a simple observation camera system to high tech multi-function system transmitted to a monitoring centre which is often many miles away from the protected premises.

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