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CCTV Installation Edinburgh

Crime rates in Edinburgh

  • Burglary:
  • Shoplifting:
  • Anti-Social Behaviour:
  • Criminal Damage:
  • Theft:
  • Vehicle Crime:

Edinburgh being a large city, and as you would expect, crime rates are generally higher than average.

CCTV can help you protect your business or property. Not only do CCTV Cameras help deter criminal behaviour, the ability to detect and monitor customers and record theft is fantastic for prosecuting thieves targeting your business.

We had suffered a lot of anti-social behaviour outside our offices especially late at night, so took the decision to install CCTV. Very happy with the work carried out and we have been able to show the Police footage of loitering and various other acts around the rear of the office building on Albion Place. We feel much safer now.

MG, Albion Place, Leeds

How can we help?

CCTV is a great way to deter and monitor crime in your area – and we can help you by installing a CCTV Camera system for your business or home in Edinburgh.

Our experts are on hand to survey, advise and install a multitude of different types of system dependant upon your requirements.

Our services in Edinburgh include:

  • Installation of CCTV Cameras and Systems in Edinburgh
  • Monitoring of CCTV systems
  • Repair and maintenance of CCTV cameras
  • CCTV Installers Edinburgh

CCTV in Edinburgh

CCTV is widely used in the UK in public areas such as train stations, roads, city centres, shops and buses – and many people are also investing in the system to protect their homes. Edinburgh is no exception.

It is also an important tool for all businesses, as security cameras are a great crime deterrent to potential thieves while at the same time helping to identify criminals within an organisation. In addition, a CCTV system can give business owners a useful insight into how effectively employees are working; protect staff from being wrongly accused; and protect the company itself from false allegations – with regard to on-site injures for example.

Edinburgh Zoo has found yet another use for CCTV. They use cameras not only to monitor site security, but they have also set up a system which brings the customers closer to the animals without endangering their safety.

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